Company Standards
Core Values Pride- At Vue, we pride ourselves in creating a one of a kind custom backyard staycation design that meets the expectations of each client. We make it our goal to provide exceptional customer service throughout our design and build process. We take an award-winning approach to each project! Innovation- Our drive to obtain new skills and knowledge helps us stay up to date on the newest industry innovations and able to provide cutting edge equipment for customers. Vue offers eco-friendly options for customers to save money, conserve water, and save energy. Education- Pool education is not only valuable and necessary for Vue as a company, but also for the client! Our current knowledge and affiliations help us to inform each client of their specific pool needs. Our determination to obtain the highest level of education can also be shown through our verifications and accreditations. Vue has two registered society of Watershape Designers and as a company holds the following Watershape University verifications; - Verified Watershape Company (VWC) - International Watershape Institute (IWI) - Verified Watershape Builder (VWB) - Verified Watershape Designer (VWD) - Verified Watershape Foreman (VWF) - Verified Watershape Professional (VWP) Responsibility- As a custom pool and design company, we take responsibility in creating your ideal outdoor living solution. Our designers take into consideration your wants and needs, to then apply them to our 3D program system. It is our responsibility to answer all questions and be available to assist clients at all times. Teamwork- As a team we cover your dream living solution, from custom pools, outdoor living, pool decks, landscaping, and more! Our team consists of designers, technicians, contractors, electricians, skilled trades, and more! Our team can be your one-stop solution, from concept design, build, and even maintain your pool once complete.