Why Vue
The layout and design of a custom project should not only cater to the space provided but also provide beauty and functionality. Our goal is for you to use your outdoor living space as much as your indoor space. A functional beautiful space where • You are excited to watch your kids grow up • Where you bring your friends and family together to entertain • Where you enjoy the space as your own personal retreat. Our clients have different styles, needs, and budgets. A swimming pool and outdoor living space should be designed by a professional that knows how to meld these elements in such a way that the plan flows and the design is intentional. You wouldn't design a house without having a designer and a plan, your outdoor living space deserves the same attention to detail. http://blog.structurestudios.com/business/perfecting-the-details-how-lea-frederick-earns-her-clients-trust A pre-determined pool shape is likely to cause the space to have an architecturally inappropriate appearance. If you are picking your pool out of a colored brochure - it is not custom. Lea & George both have the Society of Watershape Designer Registered Genesis accreditation. We are committed to providing our clients the best custom design possible pulling from our education provided by this accredited group. Our personal and professional goals include becoming Platinum Member of the Genesis Group, a title of which only a handful of exceptional award-winning designers/builders worldwide can claim. Unfortunately, the majority of our industry has the mindset that ‘they’ve been doing it this way for years’ and are not as quick to change with all the exciting new advancements and products now available. This is unfortunate but a huge problem in our profession. It has only been in the last 3-5 years that HUGE advancements in energy-efficient equipment, LED lighting and an evolution of technology to help a pool owner really 'embrace' the benefits of pool ownership (vs the burden of maintenance and operational/ownership cost). Without continual training and classroom hours to better ourselves as professionals I do not understand how 'old school' builders can deliver the best available products to their customers. If you are not growing in your profession, you are dying. While we may not be the best in the world today, this time next year we will be better than we are right now. Our commitment to developing ongoing excellence within our professional field is why we have such passion for what we do.